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Bestshop4u Privacy policy has been developed to assure the customers, users, and visitors that their data and information are in safe hands. We believe transparency is the key to trust-building. This privacy policy tells the customers, users, and visitors how our operators of the website collect, store, safeguard and use their personal data. This personal data might include names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, postal codes, locations, and financial details. We respect your privacy and consider it our duty to keep your information and credentials secure. Hence this privacy policy contains all the details regarding how your data is collected, where it is transferred and to whom is it revealed. Following are the basic elements that our privacy policy is focused on:
  • What personal data the site collects
  • Why the personal data is collected?
  • By whom is the data collected
  • How the data is collected
  • How the data is utilized
  • How cookies being used affect the users
  • How the data is shared and to whom
  • Involvement of other websites and third parties
  • Your rights
  • How to contact us
  What is BESTSHOP4U? BESTSHOP4U LTD is one of the emerging online retailers in the UK, EU, and the US. It is a one door solution to all your shopping queries. Just as the name suggests, we are the best go-to shop for all your needs, wishes, and essentials. We deal in a wide variety of products including electronics, menswear, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, etc., and targeting the audience of almost every age group. BESTSHOP4U LTD, 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, ENGLAND, is accountable for collecting and controlling all the data of the users and purchasers visiting the site: http://bestshop4u.co.uk/ What personal data does the site collect? The tern personal data refers to any data that could help in identifying an individual. This data includes names, physical addresses, email addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, date of birth, postal codes, and financial details which include debit or credit card details. To elaborate, we have divided the possible collected personal data into the following categories:
  1. Identity Data: This includes information about your first name, middle name (optional), last name, date of birth (optional), gender, and title.
  1. Contact Data: This includes your email address, billing address, delivery address, location, country, city, state, complete physical address, telephone number, verification code.
  2. Financial data: This includes information about your bank account, payment methods, debit card, or credit card numbers.
  3. Order data: This includes information about your Wishlist, details of your purchases, the fulfillment of your orders, tracking of your orders, order number, refund labels, title, currency, discounts and promos, gift card details, shipping details, items included in the parcel, record of you communicating with us, details of compensations or rewards, etc.
  4. Device Data: This includes the information of your IP address, devices you access our website with, log-in data, web browser type and version, cookies installed, time zones, username, and password.
  1. Marketing Data: This includes information about your preferences in receiving marketing from us and our third parties and your communication preferences.
Why the personal is data collected? We understand the utter confidentiality of your personal details and we respect your privacy hence we do not demand any extra or irrelevant data. All the data collected of you have been for the following purposes solely;
  • To provide you error-free deliveries
  • To fulfill your orders
  • To make your online buying experience the best
  • To provide you quality service
  • To provide you your order as soon as possible
  • To save you from any fraud
  • To update you with new offers and products
  • To inform you about the progress of your order
  • To improve our services
  • To make our marketing relevant to your desires
  • To meet all the legal responsibilities
How the data is collected? You must be intrigued when the things you were thinking about suddenly shows up on your feed. Well, this is because of web tracking. We track your visited websites, duration spent on particular items, and clicks made. We monitor all of this activity for the sake of improving and enhancing your online experience. Whenever you visit the website, data is automatically collected, it includes the products you’ve viewed, products you’ve searched, how much you’ve spent, and how long you've stayed on each page, details about incomplete order, abandoned carts, etc. This is called the first-party data. However, third party data is also collected. This data is collected by the other sites that aren’t affiliated with our website. We use third-party trackers to get hold of a better image of the sites you visit. We use analytics and demographic data to understand your shopping style and criteria at different other stores and websites. Following are the type of trackers we use:
  1. Cookies
  2. Browser fingerprinting
  3. Pixels Tags
  4. Web beacons
All the above mentioned are small electronic files created to record information to understand your browsing style. We also use Google Analytics to analyze data, trends, and interests to improve our marketing strategies and website content. Some identity and contact data are also collected from your social media account when you log in to your social ids for the purchases. Other than these, we may also collect personal data about you in the following ways:
  • Creating direct interaction with you by filling in forms
  • Entering information online or by corresponding with us by post, phone, email, telephone
  • Create an account or purchase products on our website;
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, discussion boards, social media sites, or create wish lists;
  • take surveys;
  • Contact us with an inquiry (by phone, email, social media)
  • Contact to report a problem (by phone, email, social media)
How the data is utilized? We use the data for the purposes you give consent to. Your data is only collected and used where necessary. The most important reason for collecting your data is on a legal basis. We need your data when forming a contract of purchase with you, for fulfilling your order, to provide you customer service. Your data will only be used for your best interests. Any data used by the company shall not override your rights at any cost. Last but the most important usage of your data is because of the requirement of legal regulations, it is the case where we have a legal obligation to collect or disclose personal data from you. Following are the uses made of your personal data:
  • Contact and identity data are used to create your account.
  • Contact, identity, financial, and order data are used to deliver your order.
  • Contact, identity, device, and order data used to keep you posted about your order.
  • Contact, identity, financial, and order data used for fraud prevention.
  • Contact, identity, and marketing data are used to update you about our changes and notifications.
  • Contact, identity, technical and marketing data are used to develop a better relationship with you.
  • Contact, identity, technical and marketing data are used to improve the shopping experience for you.
  • Contact, identity, and marketing data are used to recommend new products, service discounts, promos, and gift cards.
  • Contact and identity data are used to provide you customer service.
Hence, your data will only be utilized for relevant purposes. If we will need to utilize it for any other purpose then we will notify you and ask for your consent. Proper explanation, justification will be given to you about the legal basis in this case. We may process personal data without your consent, in compliance with the above rules, only where this is required or permitted by law. Sharing your personal data The reason for sharing your data is on a legal basis as discussed earlier. We may share your data with third parties for improving the content and to provide you with a more targeted advertisement. You can always opt-out of the third parties and targeted advertisements. The information shared with third parties is with your consent only. Our website may contain links to other websites, but you’ll always be asked for permission before accessing them. Be cautious with the sites you allow to follow as you may give them permission to access your data and each website has its own policy that we won’t be responsible for. The information shared with third parties is with your consent only. Our website may contain links to other websites, but you’ll always be asked for permission before accessing them. Be cautious with the sites you allow to follow as you may give them permission to access your data and each website has its own policy that we won’t be responsible for. How long we keep your data? We know customer trust is all that matters, we have your personal data only till we need it for the purposes it was provided, and we have no personal activity with it which may be beyond legal obligations. For any other queries, highly pleased to have you contact us. YOUR RIGHTS We maintain data records, personal information for orders, data arrangements all of which can have your personal information. You hold certain rights under the data privacy legislation. Under certain circumstances, you have the right to:
  • You can ask for access or edit any of your personal data provided to us.
  • Anytime between the process, you can restrict any processing of your personal data.
  • Transfer your data to any other region.
  • Request human intervention for automated decision making.
  • Hide or delete their personal data.
Contact us through the information provided on the contact us page, thank you.
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